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Private Equity. Modern Focus.

PurplePill Ventures is a minority owned and operated private equity firm that invests in seed stage, diverse founder-led startups.  We take a partnership approach that leverages both our insurance and fintech domain expertise and our deep corporate relationships.  At PurplePill, we partner with founders  to increase their chance of success by applying our operational expertise and accessing our founders to strategic partnership opportunities in our network. Our unique positioning and founder friendly platform attract both the best diverse founders and world class corporate development partners in insurance technology, payments technology and healthcare to partner with us.

Our Areas of Focus


Diverse Founders

Diverse founder representation that builds companies and platforms solving complex, institutional problems with an inclusive mindset is a core characteristic of the teams we partner with.



Finance and technology convergence continues to enable new platforms, experiences, and business models. We help our partners leverage fintech into their business to accelerate and differentiate.



Institutional best practices are being upended, replaced and modernized within insurance. We guide our partners through this evolving landscape to take advantage of insurance applications in the context of their business for accelerated growth and performance.



Healthcare continues to see innovation through the rise of technology and data. We help  companies pioneer and commercialize their technology-enabled data businesses within the global healthcare ecosystem.

Our Partners


Bryan simms
managing partner


paul ford
managing partner

Many entrepenuers and founders are presented with red pill, blue pill scenarios. Why not do both?

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